20+ years experience in packing solution

20+ years experience in packing solution

Nut Packaging Machine

Packaging Samples:

Technical Parameters:  

Type        QUA-420
Bag length50-300mm(L)
Bag width50-200mm(W)
Max width of roll film420mm
Packing speed5-70bags/min
Measuring range150-1200ml
Air consumption0.65mpa
Gas consumption0.3m3/min
Power voltage220VAC/50Hz
Power2.2 KW
Dimension1080mm(L)*1300mm(W) *1400mm (H)
Weight600 kg

Technology charateristic:

  1. Full-automatic weigh-form-fill-seal type, efficient and simple to use.
  2. Use famous brand electric and pneumatic components, stable and long life circle.
  3. Use superior mechanical components, reduce the wear out loss.
  4. Easy to install film, auto correcting the excursion of the film.
  5. Apply advanced operating system, easy to use and reprogramable.
  6. The heat transfer printer & automatic film correction motor and anti-static device are for optional.

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