20+ years experience in packing solution

20+ years experience in packing solution


Q1. What should you tell the packaging machine manufacturer for making a suitable packaging solution?

First, inform the packaging machine manufacturer what product you want to pack: powder, granule, liquid, tea, solid products or other customize product.
Second, inform the packaging machine manufacturer of your packaging machine of the kind of package you want. There are a lot of different package types.
Premade pouches: Doypack, gusset bag, block bottom bag.
Pouches from roll stock: stick pack, pillow bag, 3 sides seal sachet, 4 sides seal sachet, gusset bag.
Thirdly, tell the packaging machine manufacturer about your daily production capacity and the budget of the project.
Finally, you should advise the packaging machine manufacturer of the installation of the machine. The company that makes packaging machines will give you a layout plan that fits your workplace.

Q2. How do you compare semi-automatic and fully automated packaging machines?

A semi-automatic packaging machine and a fully automated packing machine are easily distinguished by the amount of manual labor required throughout the mechanical production process.
Semi-automatic processes include actions like bag feeding, bag opening, and bottle opening, which need human involvement.
In contrast, if the job is confined to manipulating the touch panel or putting bulk materials into a silo location in a predefined amount, the packing machine is said to be completely automated.
In summary, the primary distinction between the two kinds of packaging machines is their automation degree. The more automated the machine, the more costly it will be.
It’s vital to remember that even a semi-automatic packaging machine may be run with just a little amount of manual effort.

Q3. Is it hard to operate a packing machine?

Our Packing Machine is well designed for easy use and does not need professional skill, all HMI of machines is in English, and most of the adjustments can be done by set by changing the setting on the touch screen, and we use modular design for the mechanical part.
Most first-time users can follow our guide document and video to use the machine and complete the product or bag size changeover easily.

Q4. What is the cost of packing machinery?

This question does not have a simple or straightforward answer. Each customer’s packing needs necessitate a unique solution.
As a result, it is impossible to construct a “standard price” model.
For example, what you want to package, how long it takes, how many bags there need to be, and how quickly you need them delivered all contribute to the cost of a machine.
The more complicated, specialized, or high-speed the packing process, the more expensive it is.

Q5.How can we make sure about the machine quality after we put the order?

Before delivery, we will send you the pictures and videos for you to check the quality, and also you can arrange for quality checking by yourself or by your contacts in the third party inspection organization .

Q6.Why we should choose your company?

Our products are with famous brand in PLC, frequency, servo motor and other electric parts, also the reasonable price. And we attach great importance to customer information security.