20+ years experience in packing solution

20+ years experience in packing solution

QUA 8 Auger Filler

Technical Parameters:

Hopper 30L50L
Packing weight 1-500g10-5000g
Packing accuracy <100g ±2%;100-500g ±1%<100g,±2%;  100-500g,±1%<5000g, ±0.5%
Filling speed 40-120time/min40-120 time/min
Power supply 3P AC 208-415V 50/60HZ3P AC 208-415V 50/60HZ
Total power 1.7kw1.9kw
Total weighr 130kg200kg
Overall dimension 860×460×880mm1060×600×1100mm

Main Features:

1. The hopper could be washed easily without tools

2. Servo motor drive screw

3. Stainless steel structure

4. Include handwheel of adjustable height

5. Replacing the auger parts, it is suitable for material

6. from super thin powder to granule

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