20+ years experience in packing solution

20+ years experience in packing solution

QUA 7 II Metal Detector

Technical parameters:

Detection method Detection method
Detection height 130mm
Detection width280mm
Detection ability (350x175mm for protal,central position of conveying belt)Fe¢8mm/SUS¢2.0mm
Belt speed 0-40m/min
Power source 220VAC±10%/50/60Hz
Rated output  90W±10%
Alarm methed Flash alarm
Dimension 1550(L)×850(W)×1150(H)mm
Net weight About 115Kg

Note: the Inspection Precision above is in the ideal conditions.The real performace is to some factor,such as product’s property,

the position of the metal in product …etc.

Note: The test precision will be different upon probes of different size.

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