20+ years experience in packing solution

20+ years experience in packing solution

Premade Pouch Food Packaging Machine

Premade Pouch Food Packaging Machine


Full automatic premade pouch bagger, featured with rapid reaction, reliability and quick changeover, is ideal for a large variety of bag types and range. Equipped with Z-shape bucket elevator and combination scale, it is widely applied to candies, microwave popcorn, cookies, nuts, rice, coffee beans, crops, peanuts, etc.

Technical characteristics:

●Assembled with multi-head combination scale to achieve precise material measuring and filling

●Assembled with Z-shape bucket elevator to achieve material lifting automatically

●SIEMENS PLC & HMI Touch Screen

●Equipped with frequency converter and SMC cylinder

●Full 304# stainless steel construction

●Wide application to various bag types and products

●Self-diagnosis: No filling and nor sealing when it is detected that the bag is not open or not open completely

●Auto-alarming if there’s something wrong with the air pressure or heating elements

●Auto-break occurs when the machine stops to achieve self-protection

●Bag width could be adjusted automatically by one button on the motor setup

●Oil-free vacuum pump to avoid pollution

●Customized zipper opening to avoid broken/ deformed bags

●Perfect sealing and excellent appearance to improve product level

●Conform to GMP and HACCP

●Applicable bag material: Laminated films, monolayer PE films, PP, and paper

Technical Parameters

Pouch TypePillow bag, 3 & 4 side seal bagStand-up bag, Gusseted bag, Handle bag, Spout bag, Paper bag, Zipper bag (for option)
Working StationSix working stationEight working station
PouchW260-350mm 100-450mm80-240mm 100-300mm
CapacityUp to 50 bags/ min (product property and filling range count)
Filling Range0-3000g
Dosing SystemsMulti-head combination scale, Linear scale, Volumetric cup, Auger filler, Piston filler, etc.
VoltageAC380V/50Hz, three phases (or customize according to specific demands)
Air Sourse0.4 CBM/ min (offered by the user)
Machine’s Dimension2200x1850x1600mm
Machine’s Weight1700kg1800kg


QUA-series pre-made pouch bagger can be clarified into 8 working stations and 6 working stations in terms of station amounts in one machine. Specifically, the whole processes are involved in the following stations: 

1.Pouch-picking Station (Required)
2.Date-printing Station (Required)
3.Pouch-opening Station (Required)
4.Material-filling Station-1 (Required)
5.Material-filling Station-2 (Optional)
6.Air-exhausting Station (Optional)
7.Matrial-detecting Station (Optional)
8.Sealing and Outputting Station (Required)

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