20+ years experience in packing solution

20+ years experience in packing solution

High-speed Automatic Capping Machine

High speed Automatic Capping Machine

Technical parameters: 

  • Capping speed: 50~60 cans/min
  • Applicable Max. can size: #502 can. If there is any can with smaller diameter, The capping device should be replaced
  • Conveyor belt speed: 10.4m/min.
  • PVC conveyor belt (relatively high friction coefficient). Length: 1.5m, belt width:  160mm, frame width: 220mm
  • SIEMENS PLC control and touch screen
  • Power supply: 3P AC380V 50Hz 120W
  • Compressed air: 6kg/m 0.3m/min
  • Overall size: 1540*470*1800mm
  • Dark brown organic glass hood, which can be opened


1. Automatic sealing  machine, capping with high production efficiency.

2. PLC microprocessor control and touch screen man-machine interface, flexible  and convenient operation, high degree of automation.

3. Applicable for sealing of various tin cans, aluminum cans, paper cans and all  kinds of round cans, simple in operation, and it is an ideal equipment of food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries.

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