20+ years experience in packing solution

20+ years experience in packing solution

Automatic Blister-Cartoning Machine

Automatic Blister Cartoning Machine

The Automatic Blister-Cartoning Machine is a compact combination set of automatic blister packing machine & automatic cartoning machine. 
This machine starts its production of blister packaging products then inserted into the automatic cartoning machine for final pack products.

Applicable industry:Pharmacy, Biotechnology, Health Supplements, Nutritional Supplements, natural food…etc.

Max. Capacity: 100 Cartons/Minute


  1. All outer casing of the machine are all made of stainless steel.
  2. PLC and Touch-screen Control, equip with smart detecting systems.

        •No Product detected then no carton will open.
        •No Carton detected then no leaflet inserted.
        •If Carton & Leaflet are absence then it automatically stop.
        •If no Product & Leaflet loaded into carton then it auto reject.

  1. If blister integration magazine is fully loaded then the products will be transfer to the reserve container without stopping the operations of the blister and cartoning machines.
  2. QUAM-900 can be combined with Blister or Bottle packaging production line.

•For Blister Machine Technical Data, please refer to our KDB-120 Technical Specs.
•For Cartoning Machine Technical Data, please refer to our KDM-900 Technical Specs.



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