20+ years experience in packing solution

20+ years experience in packing solution

All-in-One Packaging Machine QUA-400W

All in One Packaging Machine QUA 400W


The classification of food, frozen food, coffee beans, oats, sugar, salt (film), rice, pet food, puffed food, peanut, popcorn, nuts, seeds, hardware etc.

pet food
pet food

Packaging Samples:

Technical Parameter:  

Control systemPLC+English interface
Packing speed5-60 bags/min
Display7 inch touch screen
Weigher type10/14 heads
Weighing hopper volume1.3L/2.5L
Weighing accuracy±0.5-1.5g
Single weighing range10-800g//20-1500g
Pillow bag sizeBag length50-300mm(L)Bag width50-200mm(W)
Stand bag sizeBag length50-300mm(L)Bag front width50-120mm(W)Bag side width40-80mm
The max. roll film width420mm
Type of sealingPillow bag, standing bag
Packing materialOPP/CPP,OPP/CE,PET/PE, etc
Measuring range30-1200ml
Gas consumption0.3m3/min
Air consumption0.65mpa
Film pulling driven systemServo motor
Horizontal sealing driven systemCylinder / Servo motor

Technology Charateristic:  

  • PLC control with stable reliable biaxial high accuracy output and color touch screen, bag-making, measuring, filling, printing, cutting , finished in one operation.
  • Separate circuit boxes for pneumatic control and power control. Noise is low, and the circuit is more stable.
  • Film-pulling with servo motor double belt: less pulling resistance, bag is formed in good shape with better appearance, belt is resistant to be worn-out.
  • External film releasing mechanism: simpler and easier installation of packing film.
  • Adjustment of bag deviation just needed to be controled by the touch screen. Operation is very simple.
  • Close down type mechanism , defending powder into inside of machine.

Bag Styles:

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